Fencing Equipment

As a farmer, keeping your gates shut is a vital part of your day-to-day responsibilities. Opening and closing such huge metal gates can be cumbersome, and even downright difficult, for even the most dedicated of farmers. That said, the need to keep yourself and your animals safe is a responsibility that doesn’t go away — so what do you do?

Springfield Co-op Creamery is here to help, and we’ve got new technology that will do the trick like never before from Gallagher and Lorenz. These gates, which come in a variety of different sizes, balance durability with flexibility, ensuring that you don’t need to sacrifice safety of convenience of use. Even better, by using electronic gates, you’ll be able ensure the safety of your farm from your mobile phone. 

That’s right — opening and closing these gates is as simple as using an application on your smartphone. The end result: you can drive straight through with the push of a button, close the gate behind you, and not have to worry about livestock being in danger. No more having to worry about heavy lifting and moving the gate!

Want to learn more about the fencing equipment that we have in stock, or what we can do to help your farm?

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