As farmers, we understand that a large part of any farm’s success has to do with the quality of the seeds planted. Better seeds result in better crops, and better crops result in both better yields and better products for the general public to enjoy. Simply put: if you want to produce quality product that sells for a good price, it stems from having the best seed possible.

Springfield Co-op Creamery understands the importance of having good seed. And that’s why we carry it all — from grass seed to alfalfa, we’ve got everything that you could possibly want as far as seed goes. In fact, we’ll be happy to set you up with different varieties of seeds — allowing you to see how each one did versus the next. The result: you’ll truly get maximum value for your money.

Whether the amount is calculated in the weight of a wagon or the weight of an acre of feed, we’ll be sure to do whatever is convenient for you.

Many products available for ditch lines, CRP, cover crop, etc…

Food Plot Mixes on hand include:

Bighorn Deer Mix – Various Clovers, Rapeseed, Chicory, & Alfalfa

Wildlife Brassica – Turnips, Radish, Rapeseed, & Brassica

*We can order different mixes, as well. Follow the link by clicking on the Agassiz logo to check other available mixes.
*We can also order custom mixes if you have your own recipe!

Eager to find out more about the seed we carry, or what we can do for you?
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