Smidley Feeders

For farmers with an extensive number of livestock, keeping your cows adequately fed is a vital part of ensuring that your farm runs the way that it’s supposed to. 

At Springfield Co-op Creamery, we carry a variety of Smidley steer stuffers to help you satisfy your feeding needs. Made of a white oak base, premium-quality Douglas fir framing, and countless other top-class features, Smidley steer stuffers are designed to feed both beef and dairy cattle.   longer!

As farmers, we recognize that every farm has unique needs — from the number of cattle you have, to the space that they require, and even the resources that they consume. And that’s why we carry both 7 ft. and 10 ft. stuffers, which gives you the flexibility to choose the best for your farm. In addition to providing your farm with increased efficiency, Smidley stuffers have been known to prove their worth in terms of real, veritable metrics, too: they can cut labor costs by up to 80%, which can have a massive impact on your farm’s operating budget.

Want to find out more about the Smidley steer stuffers we carry, or which one will be best for your farm?

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